What You Should Know About Custom Resistors

The innovations that are so prevalent in today’s world have led to the innovation of the most amazing technologies in the history of mankind. One of those inventions is certainly electricity. Electricity is believed to be the flow of electrons, those small building blocks of matter, in a single direction. The flow of electrons in return generates the electrical energy or simply electricity.

Electricity flow on its own is unregulated. As a result of this, it is required that certain measures and components are put to its path to ensure that its flow is checked. Electricity cannot flow in two directions at the same time. It flows in only a single direction by following the path defined for it. Electric current flows in what is called electric conductors. Electric conductors are media through which electrons can flow with the least resistance. In case of high resistance, electrons can’t flow and thus no electric energy is generated.

So, what is resistance, we have said that electricity is as a result of electrons flowing through a certain media. Now when we try to oppose that flow of electricity, we are creating electrical resistance. Electrical resistance can be obtained through the use of conductors that offer it naturally or by use of high power resistors. Resistors are thus components that when they are connected to the conducting media, they will ensure that little or no electricity flows through that media.

Resistance is important for a number of reasons. First, it is the only way other than switching that we can regulate the amount of electricity passing through a conductor. This is necessary for many reasons. We know that without such a check, the electricity passing through a circuit would be too high to the point of destroying the circuit that we have so tirelessly worked to create.

power resistors are also important when it is necessary to generate heat through electricity. The resistance that is formed to the flow of electrons can be viewed to cause friction in the lowest levels of matter. Friction, we all know is a heat generating energy. Therefore, when resistance is offered in such a way, the generation of heat is inevitable. Now the heat generated can be tapped and used to warm your home, warm your food or used for heating purposes for industrial processes among many other uses that are necessary for making human life more livable in the face of the earth.


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